Hardware Info – Featured Project

hardware_infor_logo  This week we have selected Hardware Info by team Nokia Developer  as our Featured Project. A Windows Phone based project that aims to provide availability/non-availability of  various hardware features of the device. The project basically consists of a Pivot control which has two views integrated, one named as ‘Availability’ displays the status of availability of  hardware features(like accelerometer,gyroscope,FM radio etc) in the form of list while the second view ‘Characteristics’ displays the resolution of the device along with the memory  info for the application itself.

hardware_info_Scrn1            hardware_info_Scrn2

The project also proves beneficial to those who have an application dependent on some hardware feature(like Front Camera) but that is not available in all the phone models available,thereby that can set to hidden etc. as per the requirement. Source code availability is one of the important feature which makes this project more usable for others.

We are always looking for such cool & usable projects, so if you have one such in mind then don’t delay to share/host it with Nokia Developer Projects.

Vineet Jain (on behalf, Projects Moderation team)


FM Radio – Featured Project

FMRadicon Featured Project this week is FM Radio by jarmlaht, a long time contributor to Nokia Developer in all forms of Java. Yet another week a Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 based project got featured, highlighting the endless possibilities to explore new & cool features of this new platform. The project basically describes as how one can create a FM radio midlet by utilizing the newly introduced AMMS (Advanced Multimedia Supplements) API.

FMTuner_about           FMTuner_main

User has the facility to search for radio frequencies(min being 87.5MHz & max being 108.0MHz) and once found they are saved automatically to the list of saved stations.For all the technical details about the project, like using AMMS API , how the stuff like saving stations work etc. its Wiki can be referred and for someone who wants to try out hands at the project, its source code is available as well.

Lastly thanking Jarmo Lahtinen (jarmlaht) , not only for this resourceful project but for all the contributions made by him to the Nokia Developer whether it Discussion boards ,Wiki etc & hoping to see much more from him in coming days.

Vineet Jain (on behalf, Projects Moderation team)

Nokia Asha UI Component Demos – Featured Project

AshaCompDemIcon   Nokia Asha UI Component Demos by team Nokia Developer is a our Featured Project of the week. The project which is the ported version of  ​Series 40 UI Component Demos to the newly released Nokia Asha software platform 1.0 demonstrates quite nicely the use of  LCDUI components tested well on the latest Nokia 501.


asha-ui-component-demos-1        asha-ui-component-demos-6


As visible from the pictures above, the projects describes various Nokia Asha UI components like Lists, Canvas, Form etc. The availability of  source code also proves to be of great help for people wanting to start developing for or convert their existing S40 based app to Nokia Asha platform.

Thanks to Nokia Developer team who have been creating great projects which have always proven a great learning resource for developers & this project is no less then that.

Vineet Jain (on behalf, Projects Moderation team)

WeatherApp – Featured Project

JMEWeatherIcon   This week we have chosen WeatherApp as our Featured Project, another great S40 based  Nokia Developer example which lets users   to see the upcoming days weather forecast for their region or any other city of their choice. GPS/cellid based positioning is used to fetch user’s location which in turn is utilized to get the forecast data in JSON format.


JMEWeather1 JMEWeather2

To keep up with the pace, the project works well with Nokia Asha software platform 1.0, on which the latest device Nokia 501 is based. The project also proves a good source for anyone wanting to implement the In-app advertising in their apps.Undoubtedly project boasts a huge number of downloads since its creation depicting how much helpful the project has been. For all the technical details about the project , its Wiki section can be referred.

Thanks to all the people who have been creating such cool & great examples & helping developers in a great manner.

Vineet Jain (on behalf, Projects Moderation team)

S3Dict (Featured Project)

S3DictIconThis week we have selected S3Dict as our Featured Project. A Qt based project which is accompanied by an impressive number of downloads it has till now along with availability of source code, very descriptive summary page are the factors which came up for its selection.

meaning_S3dict                    mainwindow_S3Dict

S3Dict is basically an offline dictionary app, which lets user search for the meaning of entered keyword using the binary search algorithm making  it a faster operation. User also has the  flexibility to use from large number of dictionary files available or to create a custom one as well. A detailed , topic – wise description about the app is available in its Wiki  section.

We thank the project author for sharing a useful & important application project with us.

 Vineet Jain (on behalf, Projects Moderation team)

MovieReviews(Featured Project)

default Featured Project for this week is MovieReviews  by avnee.nathani. The Series 40 based web app came out to be the clear winner,  qualifying  on all the grounds like summary description, source code availability, explanation in wiki etc.

Movie Detail Page1                  Tab1


The Project presents the user with a tabbed & structured user interface allowing to see the listing of latest movie releases along with the details like its cast, synopsis, reviews etc. The user also has the flexibility to search for any other movie/reviews, fetched using the  ​Rotten Tomatoes API, the details of which are clearly explained in the Wiki section of the project.

The author also has written a article on Nokia Developer Wiki which explains the very fine details about the implementation & its use cases.

Lastly, we would like thank the project author for sharing as how simply a web app can created with an attractive & clear UI.

Vineet Jain (on behalf, Projects Moderation team)

About Page Sample(Featured Project)

ApplicationIcon64x64 Our Featured Project for the week is About Page Sample by saramgsilva. The Windows Phone 7/8 based project was unanimously chosen for explaining & designing a very common yet an important feature of any app ,its About Page.


The Project showcases as how some additional features like rating the app, sharing it on social networks/through email etc. can be implemented in an About page of an app along with those  common details like app name, its version, support details etc. Utilization of  Model-View-ViewModel(MVVM) design pattern in its implementation also serves a purpose for those wanting to implement it in their apps.It is also worthy to mention about the Nokia Developer Wiki  article which author has written, explaining the fine details about the implementation & all its know hows.

Lastly, we are much thankful to the author for sharing an extremely useful example with us & hoping more of such would be shared in future as well.

Vineet Jain (on behalf, Projects Moderation team)